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Choosing the Right Running Shoe

Individuals should know that choosing running shoes doesn't have to be complicated. Running shoes are made of different technologies making them diverse. In addition to the technology determining the type of running shoes to be made, each shoe is made for different foot types. However, to find the best running shoes individuals need to find those that are comfortable. Simple steps are outlined when it comes to choosing running shoes. One of these steps is understanding the pronation, which is defined as the rolling of the foot from heel to toe through the foot strike. Depending on the type of pronation then getting the right running shoe will be variant. Both under and overpronation is differentiate as when the foot rolls either too much on the inside or the outside. See more on asics gel contend 4 review

Striking with the outside of the heel and moving up to the ball of your foot evenly is somewhat the best balance to getting a neutral pronation. Impact stress is greatly decreased when individuals do a neutral foot strike pattern. The best running shoes are obtained when individuals are aware of their foot type. The wet test determines your arch height which is a resultant process to knowing your foot type. The wet test is done by wetting both feet then standing on a paper bag for about ten seconds, then step off the bag and observe the imprint made. A foot type that results to an imprint that shows most of your foot is defined as a low arch foot. A difference that sets out low arch and high arch foot type is the fact that the latter has a very thin band connecting to their heel and toe as well as a noticeable curve. Read more

Knowing your foot type results to the next stage which is determining your gait height. There are four types of gait heights that include; neutral, mild overpronation, under pronation and severe pronation. A neutral type of gait height means that the middle outward part of the heel strikes first as the foot rolls inward slightly absorbing the shock. Under pronation indicates striking of the ground with the outside of the heel first the rolling inward, thus requiring shoes that have neutral cushioning. It's quite hard for individuals with under-pronation to absorb the impact made of a foot strike.

Striking of the heel to the ground as the first instance then rolling inward excessively is what describes severe overpronation. The right running shoe is chosen after the first three steps have successfully been completed. Individuals are assured of quality running shoes when they choose Adidas and Asics. Brands such as these are the best when it comes to customer satisfaction.View more info on